79-98 Mustang Roll Cage Chromoly

$635.00 $308.79

Available only as a weld-in.  Cages can be ordered in mild steel or chromoly.  We offer the tightest fitting kit available for the 79-93 Mustangs.  Standard 8-point cage is legal to 8.50 (1/4 mile). 

Choice of rear style: over the seat (coupe), over the seat (hatch), no rear seat.
8-point, chromoly, 1.625 x .083

Floor Plates Included 

Pre-Notched Upgrade
We offer the option to have your cage notched and test fit in one of our shop cars.
**You must have a window net to certify the cage to 8.50**
                                              >Please note, these parts are for racing/off-road applications only and are not for on-highway use.and built to order<