• F-Body Ring & Pinion + Install Kit


    Master Ring and Pinion Installation Kit

    Axle Type GM                     7.5 in.

    Axle Bearings Included       No

    Axle Seals Included            No

    Carrier Bearings Included   Yes

    Carrier Shims Included       Yes

    Cover Bolts                         10

    Cover Gasket Included       Yes

    Crush Sleeve Included        Yes

    Head Bearing Included        Yes

    Pinion Nut Included             Yes

    Pinion Seal Included            Yes

    Pinion Shims Included         Yes

    Pinion Spline Count             27

    Ring Gear Bolts                   10

    Ring Gear Bolts Included     Yes

    Ring Gear Rotation              Standard

    Tail Bearing Included           Yes

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    P/N- R7-5GRLMK