Strange Custom Ford 9 inch Pro Iron Center Sections PRF115

Pro Series Nodular Iron Case Assembly
Aluminum Support with Lightweight Steel Spool
28 Spline Pro Gear & Chrome Moly Yoke

Part Number: PRF115

Complete Center Section Includes:

N1905 / N1906
3.062″ Bore Pro Iron Case for 31 or 33 spline
3.250″ Bore Pro Iron Case for 35 or 40 spline

8-10% stronger material than factory nodular iron
Critical areas heavily reinforced
Chrome moly main caps and solid steel adjuster nuts

Forged Aluminum Tapered Bearing Pinion Support
Over sized bearings and races

D1553 / D1554 / D1555
Lightweight steel spool in 31, 33, or 35 spline

Choice of 4.86-6.50 28 Spline Pro Gear

U1603 & U1610
Chrome moly 1350 Series Yoke with U-bolts

Professionally Assembled
Timken® Bearings & Races
Grade 8 Ring Gear Bolts


Gear Set
OPRF05  3.40-4.86 35 spline Pro gear… $50

OPRF01   Lightweight 40 spline spool  D2000… $73

Pick-up collar for 28 spline pinion
U1613      One magnet….. $48
U1613-2   Two magnet….. $52
U1613-4   Four magnet…. $60
U1613-8   Eight magnet… $129

Pick-up collar for 35 spline pinion
U1614      One magnet….. $48
U1614-2   Two magnet….. $52
U1614-4   Four magnet…. $60
U1614-8   Eight magnet… $129