• HD/Race 82-02 F-Body Panhard Bar - Double Adjustable

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    The MWC HD/race style panhard bar is made with mild steel tube and TIG welded threaded tube adapters. This allows for the use of heim joints on both ends for on-vehicle adjustability, as well as keeping suspension geometry consistent.  In performance applications we prefer the use of heim ends vs poly inserts. The use of poly in suspension parts will always allow movement, thus changing your effective rear end geometry during vehicle weight transfer (ie: launching off the line). This also stacks with the more poly parts on a vehicle = the more allowable movement and loss of initial suspension settings at weight transfer.  The MWC panhard bar uses factory mounting locations and can be used as a factory replacement, or in 1500hp+ applications.   Also available in chromoly, but please read below for chromoly option.

    Note:  Available in chromoly for off-road/racing applications for an additional $30.  Don’t be fooled by myths or others’ sales gimmicks with chromoly suspension parts concerning weight. Mild steel and chromoly suspension parts are generally made with the same diameter tube, same wall thickness, and therefore weigh the same.  It is a common misconception that chromoly parts will be significantly lighter due to roll cage applications being able to use a thinner wall thickness in chromoly vs mild steel. Mild steel and chromoly materials in the same volume are the same weight.  Also note that chromoly is a harder material, therefore making it more brittle, which is not favorable for any street applications.

    NOTE:To use the PHB replacement hardware you must drill out the chassis and housing brackets to 9/16. Bushings will come already set to 9 /16.

    P/N- RS-F8202-PHB-HHA

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