• 82-92 F-body Chromoly/Docol Roll Cage - 8.50 Legal


    Docol® Tube R8 are Advanced High Strength certified steel tubes that are engineered to provide a stronger, safer, more consistent alternative to 4130 Chrome Moly Cold Drawn Seamless tube. This will allow you to build a faster, more consistent, longer lasting racecar that allows better utilization of tuning components.

    Key Advantages of Docol®

    • Stronger than 4130 by 10 to 15 percent.
    • Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) is Docol® is much smaller in area, less brittle and retains better elongation than 4130 typically does.
    • Docol® is much more tolerant to heavy fabrication. It does not warp and distort like 4130 and stays more relaxed in tooling and fixtures during fabrication.
    • Greater resistance to fatigue.
    • Docol® absorbs energy and presents a more consistent and controlled failure mode.
    • Clean mill finish product - minimal, if any, surface prep required. Docol® does not have an oxide or decarb layer and looks like a high quality electric welded tube.
    • Accurate and consistent dimensional and mechanical properties because this material is a rolled and welded strip.
    • Compatible with welding to 4130 and mild steel components.
    • Suitable for TIG and MIG welding.
    • Clean "no scrap" based material.

    Midwest Chassis offers one of the tightest fitting 8.50 kits available for the 82-92 F-body cars. Standard cage with no additional options is legal to 8.50 (1/4 mile). We now offer our 8.50 cage kits with Docol tubing instead of chromoly. Docol is NHRA legal and has several advantages over chromoly.

    8-point, Docol, 1-5/8 x .083 wall

    Floor Plates Included

    Pre-Notched Upgrade- We offer the option to have your cage CNC notched and fixture verified.

    NOTE-  Rocker bars, dash bar, roof diagonal, roof gussets, engine bay bars, and rear X bars are not required for a basic 8.50 cert. While these items can add a little rigidity to the chassis, they are not required in a unibody car with factory floors and rocker panels in place. 

     NOTE- You Must Have a Window Net To Pass Track Tech With An  8.50 Legal Cage Installed.

    NOTE- This item ships oversize truck freight - $225 flat rate to US lower 48


    P/N- RC-F8292-850-CM

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