• 93-02 F-Body Front Suspension Stage-2 Package

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    The race style 2pc adjustable lower A-arm for oem spindles is available on stages 1-4. This option adds 50.00 to the price and requires the use of a 6" wide or less wheel. This option includes the k-member with single hole style brackets that eliminate the slotted style hole for the lower arms that commonly have issues keeping the alignment setting in place with aftermarket k-members. Chromoly is an option and if you choose C/M everything we will manufactured from C/M but we do not recommend it for street use.   

    Our K-Members with stands accepts 5" downpipe on passenger side and 3.5" on drivers side and 4" if you do a manual rack over factory power steering.

     We can accommodate other customization that you may need, just give us a call.
    Stage 2 Kit
    Mild steel K-member with full adjustable upper and lower A-arms 
    Optional - Upgrade the 1-piece lower A-arms to 2-piece lower A-Arms (2-piece must be used with 6" wide front rim or less)
    Optional - Add a manual rack kit(rack, bumpsteer spacers, needle bearing jointed steering shaft)      

    NOTE: Chromoly material is recommended for off road use only and not street applications.