• 93-02 F-Body Front Suspension Stage-4 Package

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    Please note: 
    Menscer, Afco, and Strange shocks are also available for an adjusted fee.  With all the options of shocks out there please call us for further information on pricing.

    The race style 2pc adjustable lower A-arm for oem spindles is available on stages 1-4. This option adds 50.00 to the price and requires the use of a 6" wide or less wheel. This option includes the k-member with single hole style brackets that eliminate the slotted style hole for the lower arms that commonly have issues keeping the alignment setting in place with aftermarket k-members.  Chromoly material is recommended for off road use only and not street applications.  

    Our K-Members with stands accepts 5" downpipe on passenger side and 3.5" on drivers side and 4" if you do a manual rack over factory power steering.

     We can accommodate other customization that you may need, just give us a call.
    Stage 4 Kit
    Mild steel K-member with full adjustable upper and lower A-arms and Viking double adjustable shocks 
    Optional - Upgrade the 1-piece lower A-arms to 2-piece lower A-Arms (2-piece must be used with 6" wide front rim or less)
    Optional - Add a manual rack kit(rack, bumpsteer spacers, needle bearing jointed steering shaft) 
    Optional - Add a Clevis upper mount eliminating the stud upper and going to a bearing instead.

    NOTE: Chromoly material is recommended for off road use only and not street applications.