• 94-04 Mustang Chromoly/Docol Roll Cage - 8.50 Legal


    Docol® Tube R8 are Advanced High Strength certified steel tubes that are engineered to provide a stronger, safer, more consistent alternative to 4130 Chrome Moly Cold Drawn Seamless tube. This will allow you to build a faster, more consistent, longer lasting racecar that allows better utilization of tuning components.

    Key Advantages of Docol®

    • Stronger than 4130 by 10 to 15 percent.
    • Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) is Docol® is much smaller in area, less brittle and retains better elongation than 4130 typically does.
    • Docol® is much more tolerant to heavy fabrication. It does not warp and distort like 4130 and stays more relaxed in tooling and fixtures during fabrication.
    • Greater resistance to fatigue.
    • Docol® absorbs energy and presents a more consistent and controlled failure mode.
    • Clean mill finish product - minimal, if any, surface prep required. Docol® does not have an oxide or decarb layer and looks like a high quality electric welded tube.
    • Accurate and consistent dimensional and mechanical properties because this material is a rolled and welded strip.
    • Compatible with welding to 4130 and mild steel components.
    • Suitable for TIG and MIG welding.
    • Clean "no scrap" based material.

    Midwest Chassis offers one of the tightest fitting 8.50 (1/4 mile) legal cage kits available for the 94-04 Mustangs. This cage is constructed of 1-5/8 x .083 wall Docol and comes with all needed floor plates. We now offer our 8.50 cage kits with Docol tubing instead of chromoly. Docol is NHRA legal and has several advantages over chromoly (listed above).

    Pre-Notched Upgrade: We offer the option to have your cage notched and test fit in one of our shop cars to guarantee  fitment and ease of install.

    NOTE-  Rocker bars, dash bar, roof diagonal, roof gussets, engine bay bars, and rear X bars are not required for a basic 8.50 cert. While these items can add a little rigidity to the chassis, they are not required in a unibody car with factory floors and rocker panels in place. 


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